Author: Oscar Darío Franco / Publish: 11/06/15 / Comments: 8

Color has disappeared from all the world! There’s only one thing that can be done in this sheep game: throwing colored angry sheep to buildings to paint them.

Color has disappeared mysteriously. The world is devoid of all emotion and now is lost in a silent chaos. The only hope is to restore all color. Grab your sheep, travel to distant islands and paint all the buildings the color they used to be. During your journey you might uncover the mystery behind the color disappearance.

Your goal is to paint the buildings the color they used to be. To do it so you throw colored sheep to them.

Mix primary colors to get other colors, so you have to throw a yellow sheep to a red building to paint it orange.

To fulfill your journey, you’ll have four sheep types available, each with different behavior:

  • Just-a-sheep
  • Bouncy sheep
  • Color copy sheep
  • Thief sheep

Use your slingshot skill to aim at the buildings, select the best sheep for the job and recover the color in this color puzzle painting game.


  • Recover the buildings color in every level.
  • Throw colored sheep to paint the buildings with your slingshot skills.
  • Use four different sheep types: just-a-sheep, bouncy sheep, color copy sheep and thief sheep.
  • Combine colors and get new ones.






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  • Unknown

    It’s laggy and i have a crash after i played a level.

    • http://www.bobgames.co Carlos Beltran

      Thanks, apparently a bug is preventing the users to play in some kind of phones, we are working to fix the issue.

      We’ll let you know when we have that bug fixed.

      Thanks a lot.

  • Rin

    Ok the game is pretty, boring after some time playing the stor, I made it to lvl 16 and wow it is hard, pretty impressive has potential yet I’m not convince, I supposed there will be in game purchase to beat that one lvl, to shrink the sheep or something. So overall review I like it good offline game, boring when all u see are the same colors and some sheep’s with no back storys, would be better with those in, So keep it up and Good Luck

    • http://www.bobgames.co Carlos Beltran

      Hi Rin, thanks for the feedback, The medium levels start after level 13, Dou you think we should have more easy levels?

      We also introduce new kind of sheep and you will need to mix colors around level 20, Do you think is better if we introduce that feature earlier in the game?

      We will think about showing the back story in the game.


  • Jason Hoskins

    How do you get the beta I signed up yesterday I see no where to dl the game.

  • Blake Gillispie

    I am not able to load anything past the level select screen.

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